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E-Transaction: Electronic Transaction is the invention of the digital world. INEXT is here to consult and guide the clients into the modern digital world with the following services:


eTAX Invoice

eTAX Invoice

eTax Invoice: Tax invoices have been improved from papers to electronic invoices. The electronic invoices are automatically sent and filed to the Bureau of Internal Revenue. The process follows the standard of the Information system and it will also help decrease the clients responsibility and increase their productivity. 



eOffice – This service transforms traditional office work onto the computer. This service reduces the cost of paper and other resources while promoting anywhere, anytime, work space on the cloud. eOffice also connects employees and information efficiently from anywhere in the company. 



eMeeting – A service to manage company meetings online. eMeeting helps organize meeting agendas, distribute the agendas, and record and store documents for future searches. This service will help reduce the use of paper and improve the overall performance. 



eLearning – An online course service that compiles interesting topics and new discoveries from many professionals. There are general and specific topic courses that are available anytime, anywhere, on all devices (Notebook, Smartphone, Tablet). eLearning tracks progress, tests the users online, and awards certifications to users who improve their knowledge and gain more skills for their work. 


e-Exam Electronic

e-Exam Electronic – An online exam via computers that is appropriate for schools looking to improve its courses to Thailand 4.0.