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If your business relies on internet connection to connect viewers to your digital content, live stream, video on demand, or online gaming and offline gaming then INEXT’s CDN service is for you.


” CDN will enhance the power of your business. “




” Switch from offline to online. “

The way our society receives information has recently changed to online service. Many businesses had to transform their tactics from offline to online. Businesses have to adapt to new platforms such as E-Learning, E-Commerce, Media Provider, and Real Estate to stay current with the society.

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a high speed network of servers that distribute information, images, and multimedia through the internet to the consumers.


” Elevate capability, lower cost.”

Benefits of CDN Service:

  • A high speed web access from anywhere in the world
  • An extensive server capacity that can support high volume of users
  • Monitor of any possible cyber attack (DDoS)
  • Provide the best User-Experience on site
  • Help lower the cost of expanding the server or network (CAPEX and OPEX)