INEXT Broadband Co., Ltd., or INEXT, was established in 2018. The company was born from the merger between Internet Thailand Pub Cp., Ltd. and Interlink Telecom Pub Cp., Ltd. These companies laid out a great foundation for ICT services for businesses to use as a tool to advance in their field. INEXT serves many purposes to its clients. From internet connection to data center, the company provided all equipment to the clients for both business use and home use. The enhancement of ICT is also included.

Our mission is to utilize ICT as the solution for any businesses’ needs. ICT services are beneficial to SME businesses, small sized businesses, medium sized businesses, private corporations, and even government sector corporations.

Internet Thailand Pub Co., Ltd. has a unit called the Business Unit that worked to provide ICT foundation to The Lao People’s Democratic Republic.
INEXT Broadband Co., Ltd., was established. Internet Thailand Pub Cp., Ltd. and Interlink Telecom Pub Cp., Ltd. merged together to form the company to provide ICT services. (Communication and Internet services)
The company expanded to provide services such as Cloud Service Platform (Cloud, Web hosting, and CDN). INEXT is one of the industry leaders that delivered CDN Platform to be used in Thailand.
Digital Platform made its debut as a new service (Wi-Fi Authen, Payment Gateway, Paperless, etc).


The Leader on all Digital Platform Services.



We consult clients about ICT and Digital Platform that would best benefit their businesses.
We are the bridge that connects businesses to the new technology in the digital world.
We deliver the most up-to-date digital information to the clients so they are always current.


A world that moves by the power of the innovative generation who will always find new inspirations.
1. Innovation:
We see the world as always moving, never stop. This view allows us to discover new ideas that will help businesses navigate through the ever-changing IT world.
New Generation
2. New Generation:
The new generation is innovative, flexible, and fast-moving. They are powered by the hunger to learn and achieve new ideas to better the future. The creativity from this generation will help businesses now and in the years to come.
3. Expert:
Expert: We have the best experts in the field. Their experience and expertise in the internet services and the knowledge in ICT are incredible. But, we will not stop there. We are determined to always improve our services for our clients.
4. Trustworthy:
We value the relationship and the trust we have with our clients. Our dedication and transparency to each of the clients is very important. We want our clients to know that their businesses are in good hands.